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A centrifugal heating unit includes a circular plate unit mounted on a rotatable shaft in a housing. A motor rotates the shaft and spins the plate unit within the housing. The plate unit is immersed in multi-viscosity synthetic oil. The plate unit includes first and second circular disks of equal diameter which are attached to and separated by a spacer disk of smaller diameter. A peripheral buffeting area is formed between the disks outside the perimeter of the separator plate. Each disk of the plate unit is provided with slots equally spaced around the periphery, extending from the separator plate out to near the perimeter of the disk. Each slot is aligned at a 45.degree. angle to a radius of its disk. As the plate unit rotates, oil moving radially outward due to centrifugal force is drawn through the slots into the buffeting area between the disks where it is buffeted, which generates heat. The hot oil heats the housing, from which heat is transferred to warm the ambient air.

Centrifugal heating unit
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July 19, 1982
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January 22, 1985
Lee Wagner
Box 128, Buffalo Gap, 57722
Kinney & Lange
F24C 9/00
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