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A bipolar electrocautery surgical snare is described capable of performing the endoscopic removal of growths within a body cavity with improved precision and accuracy. The bipolar surgical snare comprises an electrically insulating elongated double lumen tubular member, a pair of flexible electrically conductive snare wires extending through the respective lumina of the tubular member and from each end thereof, an electrically insulating connector means for mechanically uniting but electrically insulating one end of each of the snare wires to form a surgical loop extending from one end of the tubular member; and attachment for electrically connecting the opposed ends of said snare wires to a high frequency electrocautery current source.

Bipolar electrocautery surgical snare
Application Number
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April 2, 1982
Publication Date
January 15, 1985
Michael R Treat
792 Columbus Ave., Apt. 4E, New York, 10025
Hedman Gibson Costigan & Hoare
A61B 17/39
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