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A medical claim verification and processing system reads a medical information card (MEDICARD) to determine a patient's background medical and insurance information. The validity of the card is rapidly determined by accessing a central brokerage computer. A local service provider enters into a local terminal the medical and MEDICARD information services provided or to be provided to the patient by using a patient service code and transmits this information to a central brokerage computer. The central brokerage computer converts the patient service code input by the service provider or MEDICARD into a particular service code for the patient's insurance carrier. This service code is then utilized to determine the insurance claim payment for that particular patient service. The claim payment amount for the medical service is then transmitted back to the local entry terminal for use by the service provider and patient. The service provider and patient can then determine the amount of payment which will be made for the particular insurance claim. The provider can then prepare an electronic claim form and, together with the patient's and/or the provider's determination whether or not the assignment provision of the insurance claim will be invoked, the electronic claim form is then transmitted to a central brokerage computer which in turn transmits the claim form to the appropriate insurance carrier. The patient's insurance carrier processes the claim form, and, based upon the assignment decision, transfers the payment check to the patient or makes an electronic funds transfer to an account for the service provider, the patient or a central brokerage computer.

Medical insurance verification and processing system
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September 29, 1982
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January 1, 1985
Lawrence E Pritchard
2517 Wellington Rd., Cleveland Heights, 44118
Richards Harris & Medlock
G06F 3/00
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