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This invention relates to methods and apparatus for medical decision making. In particular, this invention coordinates the actions of two or more medical teams who are working toward a common goal. The apparatus used to achieve this objective consists of a control unit especially adapted for instructing, through algorithms, two or more teams of personnel to make observations and measurements, to answer questions, and to perform procedures independently and frequently simultaneously in a coordinated manner to achieve a common goal. The control unit interfaces with each medical team through an information display screen and data entry panel (I/O station). Based on information provided by medical personnel via the data entry panel in response to questions displayed on the display screen and/or information directly transmitted to the computer system from apparatus which measures variables relevant to the medical condition of the patient, the medical teams are advised simultaneously or alternatively to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures according to a predetermined plan. A log may be printed of the questions asked, the answers given, the treatment given and the monetary charges.

Method and apparatus for coordinating medical procedures
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August 20, 1981
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December 18, 1984
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