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A liquid crystal display panel having a backlight for providing high brightness, uniformity of illumination intensity, small thickness, high efficiency and which can be manufactured at a low cost. The display device includes a liquid crystal display panel, a light source for illuminating the liquid crystal panel, a light passage member which can be formed of either transparent or translucent material disposed between the liquid crystal panel and the light source. The light source inlet side of the light passage member is formed with a recess so that the thickness is reduced at the region opposed to the brightest region of the light source. A light reflecting member substantially surrounds the light source and the light passage member is formed with an opening facing the liquid crystal panel to expose a surface portion of the light passage member. The light source can either be incandescent light bulb or a cold-cathode discharge tube. In the latter case, a thermistor is coupled in series with the tube to stabilize its temperature and hence stabilize the illumination intensity against changes in ambient temperature.

Backlighted liquid crystal display
Application Number
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March 20, 1981
Publication Date
December 11, 1984
Osamu Suzawa
Blum Kaplan Friedman Silberman & Beran
Epson Corporation
G02F 1/13
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