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A sterilizable support tray for medical instruments is disclosed comprising a block of sterilizable reticulated foam material having multiple parallel longitudinally-extending and laterally-extending slices which penetrate partially through the thickness of the foam block. In addition to a verticle component, at least one of the slices includes a horizontal component for defining a plane and creating a reduced cross-section partable web attaching multiple finger portions created by said slices to an unsliced base portion. The partable webs define a location and plane at which individual finger portions may be torn away from the base portion to define custom-shaped channels within which medical instruments may be positioned, stored, sterilized, and accounted for.

Sterilizable foam support tray for medical instruments
Application Number
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April 9, 1984
Publication Date
December 4, 1984
Dan Sandel
19524 Halsted St., Northridge, 91324
Poms Smith Lande & Rose
B65D 81/16
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