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The gas well includes a plurality of generally tubular gas extracting means which extend from the ground surface downwardly, a lower interval of which means have longitudinally extending slots in the body wall through which gas may enter while the means lower end is closed. The slotted interval resides in the gas producing ground region. The extracting means two major parts are a lower part including the perforated interval which is of relatively larger diameter, and an upper part that extends outwardly of the ground plane and which is of smaller diameter. A transition joint interrelates the two diameter extracting means parts enabling the two parts to move longitudinally with respect to each other for accommodating ground subsidence in the gas producing region.

Landfill gas well
Application Number
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June 24, 1983
Publication Date
November 20, 1984
James R Kennelly
3569 Cerritos Ave., Long Beach, 90807
E21B 43/08
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