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A medical instrument including a cautery portion for use in performing an anterior or posterior capsulotomy during extracapsular cataract extraction surgery. A substantially rigid stem portion is connected between the cautery portion and a handle portion, and is provided with bends to facilitate maneuverability of the cautery portion and to avoid substantial interference with the surgical field of vision by the handle portion. An electrical path is defined through the handle portion and stem portion to the cautery portion so as to permit electrical current to be supplied to the cautery portion from an electrical apparatus which generates a radio frequency current. The cautery portion, as supplied with radio frequency current, becomes heated when in contact with an eye lens capsule so as to instantaneously and uniformly sear a peripheral extent of a portion of the lens capsule to be removed during surgery.

Medical instrument, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
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July 1, 1982
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November 13, 1984
Gary M Sole
3973 Nearbrook Dr., Bloomfield Hills, 48013
Anthony L Cupoli
Pamela S Burt
Irving M Weiner
A61B 17/39
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