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A cordless musical extension telephone unit with programmable capabilities, wherein a singular or a plurality of respective data block relevant to future phone calls to be made can be entered into its micro-computer's memory so that, according to the sequence of programmed time and/or data when each respective phone call becomes due, as coordinated with the forward progression of actual time and date, the integrated alarm system can effectively remind the user to make the respectively pre-programmed phone call without delay, while the relevant block of information about the current targeted call becomes automatically displayed at the LCD or LED display window. An automatic-dialing-after-alarm function key (ADA key), which upon activation, extracts from the micro-computer's memory, the block of information such as the particularly stored telephone number at hand (including the area code, if it is a long-distance call) and automatically inter-connects the extension unit through its corresponding base center to the targeted phone number, to effect the desired inter-phone connections. Upon completion of each phone conversation with the desired party, the activation of another function key enables the user to enter the information about the completed contact, together with the respective data block into the unit' s memory, so that, upon the forward or backward retrieval of the variously programmed multiple phone numbers including the time, date, and names or initials of the parties involved, the user can distinguish the parties and phone numbers that have already been contacted, from those which have not yet been contacted, thus informing the user to further reprogram the uncontacted phone numbers and/or the respective names or initials for some other future times and dates as desired. An auto-beeper function key provides automatic conversion of the device into a regular beeper, once the unit gets out-of-range as an extension phone. In the stepped-up model, the unit is incorporated with several other features for excellent compact multi-use.

Programmable telephone system
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September 29, 1982
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November 6, 1984
Antony Euclid C Villa Real
2512 Capistrano Ave., Las Vegas, 89121
Young & Martin
H04M 11/00
H04Q 7/04
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