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A flame producing device, particularly a candle having a body of combustible material and a wick further includes an optical fiber which extends along the wick to a sensor and carries light from the flame for detection by the sensor. The sensor activates a sound-generating arrangement embodied on a semiconductor chip to produce a series of sounds which are converted by a speaker into an audible melody, so that the lighting of the candle will result in the operation of the sound-generating arrangement which will continue until the candle is extinguished. The chip and various other components of the electric circuitry of the sound-generating arrangement are situated in a casing which is located at the lower region of the candle. The optical fiber is of a material which melts when exposed to the heat of the flame and forms a lenticulate end portion that concentrates the light emitted by the flame into the optical fiber.

Flame-producing sound-emitting device
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April 29, 1983
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October 16, 1984
Jiri Pesek
181 Reserve St., Boonton, 07005
Pavel O Ruzek
181 Reserve St., Boonton, 07005
Zdenka Ruzek
181 Reserve St., Boonton, 07005
F23D 00/00
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