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The surgical instrument of the present invention is for establishing circular anastomoses between various segments of the colon.

The surgical instrument comprises a cylindrical body having a mandrel 2 at one of its ends and accommodating a coaxially arranged rod 3 carrying a circular knife 4 locked in place thereon and provided with a mechanism for its longitudinal traversing, and a stem 6 carrying a thrust head 7 axially traversable with respect to the rod 3, and a circular anastomosing mechanism 8, which is made up of two members. One of the members of said mechanism is located on the mandrel 2 and carries a number of suturing elements adapted to interact with the rod 3 so as to travel together with the latter when establishing circular anastomoses, while the other member is situated on the thrust head 7. The member of the circular anastomosing mechanism 8 that is located on the mandrel 2 comprises two rings 9 and 10 spaced somewhat apart from each other. A plurality of suturing elements are needles 11 equispaced circumferentially between said rings, while some of the needles 11 carry shock absorbers 12. The other member of the circular anastomosing mechanism 8 that is situated on the thrust head 7 is essentially a ring 14 so connected to the latter as to be separable therefrom when anastomosing. Both of the members of the circular anastomosing mechanism 8 are joined together through the needles 11 in the course of circular anastomosing and are left in the colonic lumen until a complete necrosis of the compressed colon portion occurs.

Surgical instrument for establishing circular coloanastomoses
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March 9, 1981
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October 16, 1984
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