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Disclosed herein is a plant that supplies a diesel oil-gas fuel mixture to diesel cycle engines and comprises: a device for interrupting the travel of the lever that controls the injection pump and is connected to the accelerator; and a mixer group placed along the manifold for the induction of air to the cylinders, comprising two separate parallel pipes, the first of which provided with a first throttle valve movable between two extreme positions, namely a position for opening the air passage when the engine is running on diesel oil and a position for closing the air passage when the engine is running on a mixture of diesel oil and gas, and the second of which provided with a Venturi tube and with a second throttle valve for blocking the air passage, movable continuously and connected to the accelerator, the said Venturi tube being connected to a pipe for the supply of the gas at low pressure; the said pipes being jointly provided with an air passage area at least identical to that required for maximum engine air induction.

Plant for supplying diesel cycle engines with diesel oil and with a mixture of diesel oil and gas
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January 21, 1983
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October 16, 1984
Ezio Bollina
Rubens Basaglia
Cushman Darby & Cushman
B & b Bologna di Basaglia Rubens e Bollina Ezio s n c
F02B 3/00
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