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A patient treatment method and system facilitates automated administration of the treatment of a patient, including establishing a direct linkage, at all stages of treatment, between the patient, on the one hand, and tests performed on the patient, specimens taken from the patient, and medication and services administered to the patient, on the other hand. The patient treatment method and system includes a patient identification method which provides the patient with a wrist bracelet which not only identifies the patient, but also facilitates generation, at various stages of treatment, of labels for identification of specimen containers containing specimens taken from the patient. The patient treatment method and system also includes a medication verification method and device, by means of which the identity of the patient receiving medication is validated as coinciding with the identity of the patient for whom the medication is intended. The patient treatment and method system also includes a specimen analysis system and method for testing and analyzing specimens contained in respective specimen containers sequentially moved into an aspiration position, concurrently with scanning identifying indicia on each container, as the container is moved into the aspiration position, so as to concurrently provide test data and identification data to a processor. Finally, each specimen container is provided with an extension device holding identifying indicia relating to the identity of the patient from whom the specimen was taken.

Patient treatment method
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February 24, 1982
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October 9, 1984
Martin I Rubin
3218 Pauline Dr., Chevy Chase, 20815
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