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A diaper (10) according to the invention comprises an absorbent washable fabric (12) prefolded into rectangular multi-ply form with opposite inner and outer surfaces (15, 16). The fabric includes a pair of side panels (20) which can be folded inwardly flush on the fabric inner surface (15) to increase absorbency and give the diaper (10) a substantially hourglass configuration to fit the profile of an infant. A pair of attachment tabs (35) each secured to an upper corner of the fabric (12) engage fastening strips (40) secured to the outer surface of the fabric (12) adjacent a lower edge (42) thereof. The fastening strips (40) are vertically oriented for adjustable, mating engagement with the attachment tabs (35) to accommodate growth of the infant. A transverse edge portion of (42) the fabric (12) can be folded along a fold line (L) to provide a smaller diaper for newborn infants, and fastening means (45) is provided to enable gradual expansion of the diaper as the infant grows. A device (50) for removing lint from the strips (40) or tabs (35) is also disclosed. The device (50) includes a handle (52) and needle-like projections (54) attached to the handle. The projections (54) are slidable under the barbed or loop-like projections of the tabs (35) or strips (40) to remove the lint.

Adjustable diapers with fastening means
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October 26, 1981
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October 9, 1984
Fredrica V Coates
1608 Dublin Rd., Charlottesville, 22903
Lowe King Price & Becker
A61F 13/16
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