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A YIQ computer graphics system includes a data processing system having a data tablet for receiving inputs from an artist and a video processing system connected to the data processing system. The video processing system includes a two component expandable frame store with the first component storing video intensity information for each pixel of a visual image and with the second component storing two video color components each for one-half of the visual image. The video processing system further includes a memory controller coupled to receive pixel address information identifying pixel locations within a row and column matrix of pixel locations containing the visual image and addressing specific locations within the frame store in response thereto, an interface circuit coupled to transfer video data between the frame store and the data processing system at pixel locations within a matrix of locations defined by the data processing system, and a video output processor coupled to provide matrix address locations to the frame store and receive in return video data from the frame store to generate a color video output signal in raster scan order. The video processing system may also include an input scanner coupled to write into the frame store video information on a continuous frame-by-frame basis to permit the video output processor to output a video signal which indicates a continuously changing video image on a frame-by-frame real time basis.

YIQ Computer graphics system
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February 26, 1982
Publication Date
October 2, 1984
Rodney D Stock
Palo Alto
Joel D Talcott
Gregory L Roth
Ampex Corporation
G09F 9/30
H04N 3/08
H04N 9/38
H01J 15/40
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