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An addressable cable television system includes a transmission cable for transmitting a plurality of television signals driven onto the cable from a head end thereof and a plurality of multiple subscriber controllers coupled to the cable for controlling reception of television signals by a plurality of subscribers associated with each of the multiple subscriber controllers. Each of the multiple subscriber controllers includes a plurality of programmable frequency converters, each of which is coupled by a drop cable to the antenna of a television receiver within the subscriber's home. Authorization signals are transmitted from the head end of the cable to the plurality of multiple subscriber controllers for indicating which of the plurality of television signals a particular subscriber is authorized to receive. Each subscriber is provided with channel request circuitry for transmitting a channel request over the drop cable to the associated multiple subscriber controller. Upon receiving a request from a subscriber for access to a television signal, the associated controller compares the channel requested to those channels for which the subscriber is authorized to receive. If the requested channel is authorized, the frequency converter for the particular subscriber is programmed by the controller to provide the subscriber with the requested channel. All frequency converters are located remote from the associated subscriber and receive electrical power from the associated subscriber's home via the drop cable.

Addressable subscriber cable television system
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April 2, 1981
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October 2, 1984
Gilbert L Tash
San Clemente
Lewis D Dumbauld
Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton
Theta Com Division of Texscan
H04K 1/00
H04N 7/16
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