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A jet shoe, connected to the lowermost end of a large diameter pipe to be placed in a subsea formation, comprises a cylindrical housing in which is arranged an inner tubular receptacle, a check valve permitting downward flow but preventing upward flow and jet tubes extending from the receptacle through the lower end of the jet shoe. The receptacle, valve and tubes are cemented in the housing. The tubes contain nozzles for jetting fluid to erode formation ahead of the shoe. A stinger arranged on the lower end of a smaller diameter pipe extends into and seals in the receptacle. A closure member on the smaller pipe closes off the upper end of the larger pipe. The smaller pipe and the larger pipe, together with a permanent guide base connected to the upper end of the larger pipe, are lowered to the ocean floor. While jetting fluid through the smaller pipe and out the shoe the formation ahead of the shoe is eroded until the larger pipe reaches a pre-determined depth. Cement slurry is then pumped downwardly through the smaller pipe and through the jet shoe to cement the larger pipe in the subsea formation.

Method and apparatus for running and cementing pipe
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March 26, 1982
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October 2, 1984
Christopher M Gaines
Kuala Lumpur
John S Schneider
Exxon Production Research Co
E21B 7/12
E21B 7/18
E21B 33/14
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