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A temperature and humidity control system including a heat pump including a compressor, an evaporator and a condenser; vaporizable refrigerant contained in a closed circuit communicating with the compressor, evaporator and condenser, a regeneratable dessicant material, valve and conduit apparatus for selectably directing air into and communicating with the condenser, evaporator and dessicant material and including first apparatus operable in a cooling/dehumidifying mode for supplying air first to the evaporator and from the evaporator to the dessicant material, and from the dessicant material to a volume sought to be conditioned and second apparatus operable in a heating/humidifying mode for supplying air first to the condenser for heating of the air and from the condenser to the dessicant material for humidifying of the air to a volume sought to be conditioned.

Heat pump apparatus and method
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January 25, 1983
Publication Date
October 2, 1984
Joel Harband
Rehov Hibner 13/6, Petach Tikva
Browdy and Neimark
F25D 17/06
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