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A curtain-wall masonry veneer anchor system provides tolerances for accommodating installation misalignment and similarly for accommodating in-service load stresses while at the same time preventing loosening in service, even when installed through sheathing/or insulation covering wall structure to which the system is affixed, such as a masonry wall or metal stud or structural steel. A threaded stud is provided, either coarse-threaded along the length for self-tapping in a pre-drilled hole in masonry, or self-drilling and self-tapping for one-operation affixation in steel studding or in structural steel; a fastener barrel has at one end a threaded hole receiving the stud and surrounded by teeth in a radial face arranged for routing away sheathing or insulation as the threaded stud screws into a wall, preventing crushed sheathing or insulation from causing loosening and backing out under service loads; novel tie configuration connects with an eye in the fastener barrel outer end and accommodates to the various rotational positions at which the fastener barrel may tighten in wall structure.

Curtain-wall masonry-veneer anchor system
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September 13, 1983
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October 2, 1984
Donald A Lopez
6406 Birchwood Ave., Baltimore, 21214
John F McClellan Sr
E04B 1/74
E04B 1/38
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