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An apparatus for accurately selecting, storing and dipensing multiple varieties of pills at preselected time intervals such as morning, noon, evening and night includes a separate pill container for each unique variety of pill to be dispensed. Each pill container is identified by a distinctive color or colors to indicate the time interval(s) during which the pill in it are to be dispensed. For example, each container for pills to be dispensed in the morning will be identified at least by the color red; at noon, at least yellow; in the evening, at least blue; and at night at least black. Any particular container will, therefore, be identified by at least one and not more than four colors. A pill tray includes a plurality of pill holding compartments arranged in columns identified with each of the days of the week and in row, each row representing one of the time intervals, such as morning, noon, evening and night. Each pill holding compartment in the row representing morning is colored red, the row representing noon is colored yellow, the evening row is colored blue, and the night row is colored black. The tray is loaded by putting one pill from each container in each of the compartments colored the same as one of the colors identifying that container. Sliding panels are provided as covers for each of the columns, and the patient can access the proper medication by uncovering the appropriate compartment at the appropriate time interval. For example, on Monday morning, the patient slides the "Monday" panel down far enough to uncover the Monday morning compartment, removes the pills and ingests them.

Method and apparatus for accurately selecting storing and dispensing pills
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November 5, 1982
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September 25, 1984
David C Martin
Schroeder Siegfried Vidas & Arrett
St Paul Ramsey Hospital Medical
B65D 85/56
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G09F 3/08
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