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The invention is an improved tracheostomy tube for providing a reliable airway for patients requiring mechanical assistance in breathing, without the complications of prolonged tracheostomy that are present in current tracheostomy tube devices. The present invention makes tracheostomy a safer modality of care with four distinctive features in the configuration. The four distinctive features are (1) a precision cuff fitted to each trachea; (2) a flexible tube that will conform to any depth of the trachea within the neck; (3) a self-locking clip that adjusts the tube securely to any neck regardless of the depth of the trachea; and (4) a malleable but rigid obturator for ease of insertion. These four features comprise the structure of the improved tracheostomy tube, being (1) a flexible tube, (2) an encircling pressure cuff, (3) a removably insertable malleable obturator, and (4) a self-locking neck plate to secure the tube to the neck.

Static tracheostomy tube
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March 19, 1982
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September 18, 1984
Everard F Cox
4510 Mt. Carmel Rd., Hampstead, 21074
Walter G Finch
A61M 16/00
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