04469110 is referenced by 531 patents and cites 14 patents.

For causing a pinprick on a user's skin to obtain a drop of blood, a movable holder which holds a pin, actuated by a spring, is tensioned.

In the normal, inactive position of the spring which is shown in the drawing, the pin is on this side of the edge of the end, and there exists a distance X between a radial shaft having a control button and a stop.

When the mechanism is triggered, the spring suddenly pushes the holder, and the shaft passes the normal position to reach the stop which limits its course in such a way that the pin projects, attaining a predetermined extreme position and returning automatically to its protected position.

Device for causing a pinprick to obtain and to test a drop of blood
Application Number
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June 17, 1982
Publication Date
September 4, 1984
Gerard J Slama
17, Av. du Chateau, 94210 La Varenne Saint Hilaire
Lane Aitken & Kananen
A61B 17/34
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