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A skin opening and closure device for surgical procedures incorporates elongated flexible locking strips having elongated locking ridge means formed thereon which are adapted to be placed in interlocking assembly and capable of being separated and relocked, as desired. A plurality of half staples are provided, each of which is secured to respective ones of the locking strips to thereby define staple assemblies. Each of the staple assemblies incorporates skin penetrating elements and are adapted to be bent intermediate the extremities thereof to establish a secure skin retaining relation with the skin of the patient to provide a secure closure at the surgical incision. The staples, preferably, incorporate spaced pairs of skin penetrating projections which are originally positioned in substantially parallel relation, and which are adapted to be positioned in opposed, skin retaining relation upon bending of the staple. In use, the staples of the device are brought into engaging assembly with the skin of the patient at the site of the intended incision. Thereafter, the locking strips are separated in zipper-like manner to expose the skin for incision. After completion of the procedure, the locking strips are brought into interlocked relation by manual pressure or by zipper-like closure means to thereby close the incision.

Skin closure stapling device for surgical procedures
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August 25, 1982
Publication Date
August 28, 1984
Mamoru Fukuda
1260 Hardy, Bridge City, 77611
Gunn Lee & Jackson
A61B 17/08
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