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An exhaust gas recirculation method and apparatus controls the duty cycles of a throttle valve provided in an air intake passageway leading to a diesel engine, and an exhaust gas recirculation valve provided in an exhaust gas recirculation passageway connecting the air intake passageway and an exhaust gas passage, according to a predetermined relationship. The respective valves are controlled via corresponding diaphragm actuators and electromagnetic valves for actuating the actuators by a control unit which produces duty cycle control signals for the respective electromagnetic valves in accordance with sensed operating parameter signals which represent engine speed, load and coolant temperature. The control of the throttle and EGR valves are related so that the throttle valve is held fully open when the EGR valve is not fully open. This ensures the absolute minimum emission of exhaust HC throughout the range of throttle-EGR control.

Exhaust gas recirculation control method and apparatus for a diesel engine
Application Number
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August 3, 1982
Publication Date
August 21, 1984
Yoshihisa Kawamura
Lowe King Price & Becker
Nissan Motor Company
F02M 25/06
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