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A process of manufacturing a bladder which is to be disposed on each of axially opposite end portions of a tire building machine having a tire building drum, respectively, and is employed for turning back a ply cord bound on the tire building drum of the tire building machine, comprising of the steps of binding a bladder material on a cylindrical member, the bladder material being reinforced with cords and unvulcanized, the cylindrical member having two annular grooves formed in the outer peripheral portion thereof, binding a cloth belt containing water around the outer peripheral surface of the bladder material so that the bladder material is shaped conformingly to the outer peripheral portion of the cylindrical member and the two annular grooves, vulcanizing in a vulcanizing vessel the bladder material to form two annular ridges on the bladder material conformingly to the shape of the annular groove, and taking out the bladder material from the vulcanizing vessel and turning back the bladder material around the lines of the annular ridges formed on the cylindrical member in such a manner that the annular ridge protrudes outwardly of the bladder material.

Process of and apparatus for manufacturing bladders used for tire building machine
Application Number
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November 8, 1982
Publication Date
July 31, 1984
Kunio Tajima
Takeshi Fukunaga
Bridgestone Tire Company
B29H 5/18
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