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An improved construction and method of assembly for applying vinyl soffit and fascia panels to a cornice of a structure precludes the usual time-consuming process of installing the soffit panels one at a time by sliding them through supporting channel or by flexing the panels. The construction includes an improved corner member having outer and lower legs which is fitted adjacent to the bottom of the fascia of the cornice. The corner member includes a lock leg depending from one of the outer and lower legs, and is adapted to engage outer edge portions of the soffit panels and a lower edge portion of the fascia panel whereby the installation of the soffit panels may be accomplished in an efficient and straightforward fashion.

Soffit and fascia construction
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July 8, 1981
Publication Date
July 24, 1984
Emmerich Knoebl
22 W. 421 Army Trail, Addison, 60101
Dressler Goldsmith Shore Sutker & Milnamow
E04B 1/00
E04D 13/15
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