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A device for clamping together two lengths of rope such as a rope formed of braided plastic, the device having a pair of inner core members each having a mating inner surface so that when the members are positioned in engagement or adjacent to each other they provide an elongated core having a generally tapered truncated conical external surface having threads on the external surface. Each of the core members has a recess in the inner surface in the plane of the longitudinal axis so that two portions of a rope may be positioned between mated core members. An outer ring having a tapered opening therethrough is internally threaded so that when the outer ring is screwed onto the abutted core members it forces them together, clamping rope portions therebetween, the grooves formed in the abutting surfaces of the core members preferably have integral pointed spikes which penetrate the fibers of rope portions positioned between the core members to more securely hold the rope portions against slippage.

Rope clamping device
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September 22, 1982
Publication Date
June 26, 1984
Robert C Gray
P.O. Box 15262, Tulsa, 74112
Head Johnson & Stevenson
F16G 11/00
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