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An electronic card and board game in which the players and/or leaders of the game are assisted by a microprocessor in the selection of random numbers for the game, and in monitoring the current status of the game as applicable to one or more playing cards bearing information relevant to the game. This information is presented in two distinct forms; the first form being convenient for human perception, and the second form being convenient for machine reading. The current status of the game is displayed upon a game board display shaped as a traditional game card, e.g. "Bingo" card. The display indicates the conditions of: a complete match, a partial match, or no match between the data read-in from a number of game cards and the data entered via a keyboard of the game board or a pseudo-random number generated.

Electronic card and board game
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September 11, 1981
Publication Date
June 19, 1984
Yuri Itkis
5163 Darting Bird La., Columbia, 21044
Browdy and Neimark
A63F 3/06
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