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The invention relates to a medical instrument for withdrawal of tracheobronchial secretions or for introduction of curative agents, tubes, guiding elements, probes, endoscopes, catheters and the like into the respiratory tract of a patient.

A tube which is flexible and morphologically stable in cross-section, is inserted via the patient's mouth and pharynx cavities, and may be inserted with a distal extension as far as into the esophagus. Above the extension, the tube has an opening which is lined up laterally with the larynx cavity of the patient when the instrument is being inserted and through which the secretion is extracted. Also, the curative agents, guiding elements, tubes, probes, endoscopes, catheters and the like are inserted through this opening into the respiratory tract.

Medical instruments for introduction into the respiratory tract of a patient
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April 12, 1982
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June 19, 1984
Christian Kruger
Curtiusstrasse 4, 2400 Lubeck
Balogh Osann Kramer Dvorak Genova & Traub
A61M 25/00
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