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A device and a method for feeding a patient intravenously in a manner that reduces the potential for interruption of the intravenous therapy. The device includes an adjustable strap with fastening means for loosely securing the strap around a patient's limb. The encircling length of the strap is adjusted such that the strap is permitted to move longitudinally along the limb where the natural contours of the limb prevent removal of the strap from the limb, and the natural contours preferably stop the longitudinal movement of the strap short of an intended infusion site on the limb. An intravenous feeding tube is affixed to the strap at a location intermediate the ends of the tube, the segment of tubing between the strap and the catheter end of the tube having sufficient slack such that the longitudinal movement of the strap away from the infusion site will be stopped by the contours of the patient's limb before all of the slack is used. Further, a protection sleeve is provided for inserting and covering the patient's limb, with the protection sleeve being connectable to the strap to isolate the strap and the infusion site so as to prevent patient access thereto.

Intravenous device
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November 24, 1981
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June 12, 1984
Mark G Speaker
145 E. 16th St., Apt. 20C, New York, 10003
Kenyon & Kenyon
A61M 5/00
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