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A test tube rack is disclosed which comprises a support plate for supporting the rear portions of the bottoms of the test tubes which support plate is inclined at an upward angle of 10.degree. to 35.degree. away from horizontal in the direction from front to rear and spaced apart above said support plate holding means, e.g. a pair of spaced apart parallel aperture plates for holding the test tubes in upright position. Vertical means, e.g. parallel sidewalls for supporting the holding means and the support plate in spaced apart relationship to each other are attached to the holding means. The support plate is releasably connected to the vertical means by connecting means such as a pair of parallel guide rails attached to the vertical means at an appropriate angle. Preferably, the support plate has a reflecting upper surface by means of which the bottoms of the test tubes are made visible without removing the tubes from the rack. Due to the upward inclination of the support plate, the rear rows of test tubes are elevated relative to the front rows and improved accessability of all tubes in the rack is achieved.

Rack or holder for test tubes
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May 12, 1982
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June 12, 1984
Yash Sharma
2766 January Cts., Falls Church, 22043
Bacon & Thomas
A47F 7/28
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