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A system for obtaining energy by means of fluid flows resembling those of a natural cyclone or anti-cyclone comprises a cyclonic conversion tower constituted by a group of convectors all situated round an axis toward which there are directed vortical membranes or screens contained in trumpet-shaped revolution bodies. At its top or bottom the conversion tower optionally bears deflectors or diffusers which increase output. Devices for conversion of electrical or mechanical energy from the kinetic energy of the flow are located at both the top and the base of the tower of convectors. The convection tower optionally is situated on a base which permits the passage of solar radiation with the aim of utilizing its energy, the assembly being completed by a conventional heating system for alternative use.

System for the obtaining of energy by fluid flows resembling a natural cyclone or anti-cyclone
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July 8, 1981
Publication Date
June 5, 1984
Zapata M Valentin
Lerida No. 3, Madrid-20
Wenderoth Lind & Ponack
F03G 7/02
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