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A digital timing system for sports competitions in which a large number of participants progress independently and simultaneously on the same track between a starting line and a finish line. This system comprises a starting time memory, a finish time memory, and a register which permits the temporary storing of the times of a predetermined number of events happening nearly simultaneously. The time is furnished by means of an oscillator and decade counters of which the multiplexed output is applied to the register where the information is entered. This information is shortly thereafter transferred to the starting time memory or to the finish time memory, as the case may be. A subtractor unit subtracts the recorded starting time of a selected participant from the real time when it is desired to display the lapsing time of the participant. At the final, the final track time is displayed. A console with local display allows the operator to obtain all the registered information for every participant, and means is provided for emptying the register by transferring the starting times and the final times to their respective memories. Data processing means is provided for applying handicap or other averaging curves to the results, and suitable print-out means produce written records of the results right at the end of the competition.

Electronic chronometer
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July 14, 1981
Publication Date
May 29, 1984
Jean Francoys Brousseau
Andre Pomerleau
Larson and Taylor
Universite Laval
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