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The invention provides a novel electroconductive rubbery member which is a shaped body of a conductive rubbery elastomer impregnated with a powdery conductive particulate material such as carbon black or a metal powder dispersed in an insulating rubber, in which a multiplicity of conductive fibrous bodies such as carbon fibers or very thin metal wires are embedded in such oriented dispersion that each of the fibrous bodies lies along a line which intersects the surface of the shaped body and at least a part of the fibrous bodies are protruded out of the surface of the shaped body. By virtue of the protruded fibrous bodies, very reliable electric conduction is obtained between the conductive rubbery member and the metal electrode in contact therewith. Further advantages are obtained by providing an insulating coating film of, preferably, an adhesive on the contacting surface of the conductive rubbery member penetrated by the protruded conductive fibrous bodies. The inventive conductive rubbery members are also useful as the conductive parts of an elastic connector having an alternately stratified structure of conductive rubbery strata and insulating rubbery strata.

Electroconductive rubbery member and elastic connector therewith
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January 27, 1982
Publication Date
May 22, 1984
Mitsuhashi Masayuki
Nogami Takashi
Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Judlowe
Shin Etsu Polymer
H01R 9/00
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