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An outer sole especially designed for basketball shoes which is lightweight, stable, and provides a greater degree of shock absorption than heretofore possible. The sole includes a plurality of kinetic levers or tread members which extend downwardly and outwardly from the peripheral portion of the bottom of the sole and, together with a relatively stiff, centrally formed pedestal on the inside surface of the sole, define a cantilevered construction that dissipates shock by inducing spreading of the levers laterally outwardly upon foot-induced ground impact. The space between the inner, central pedestal and the side wall of the sole defines a cavity positioned above the respective tread members for facilitating compression and spreading thereof to enhance the shock-dissipating qualities of the sole. The sole also includes a side wall which, together with the upper walls of the tread members, defines a groove. The groove also facilitates compression and spreading of the tread members. The wider than normal base provided by the laterally extending tread members enhances stability and reduces the possibility of ankle twists. The forefoot portion of the bottom of the sole features a transversely extending groove pattern and a pivot stud which together facilitate metatarsal flexure and pivoting which are frequently encountered when playing basketball.

Basketball shoe sole
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April 3, 1981
Publication Date
May 22, 1984
Jerry D Stubblefield
Saidman Sterne & Kessler
A43B 5/00
A43B 13/18
A43B 13/04
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