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A syringe comprises a main tubular body, the body being open at one end and receiving a hypodermic needle at the other end, and a plunger, one end of the plunger extending into the body, through the open end thereof, the plunger having a longitudinal passageway therein permitting air flow therethrough. A fluid-tight seal is formed between the outside surface of the plunger and the inside surface of the syringe body. An air permeable filter member extends across the first end of the plunger, in the passageway, whereby the body can fill with blood, causing the air in the body to pass through the filter member to the open end of the body. The blood does not flow through the filter. A valve extends across the passageway and allows the syringe to be used to aspirate in the absence of natural blood pressure.

Vented, aspirating syringe
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December 13, 1982
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May 15, 1984
Michael D Martell
7555 Jurupa Ave., #E, Riverside, 92504
Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards
A61B 5/00
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