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A shoe comprises a sock formed of fabric material and a reinforcing structure of plastic material which is directly injected onto the sock. The reinforcing structure covers predetermined parts of the sock to form a toe region, a reinforcement for the heel region, an edging which surrounds the shoe opening, and one or more transverse bands, all parts of the reinforcing structure being mutually integral with each other. The sock comprises at least one lateral part forming an upper and a base part formed of a fabric which is less than the fabric forming the lateral part. The reinforcing plastic structure includes a shaped grid-like portion formed by mutually intersecting ribs which penetrate through the less dense fabric of the sock base part into the inside of the sock from its outside. The grid-like portion thereby constitutes gripping projections which bonds the plastic reinforcing structure securely to the sock and further functions as a support for an insole.

Shoe with its vamp zonally covered with injected plastics material securely bonded to the fabric
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March 24, 1982
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May 15, 1984
Luigi Zaino
Mortara (Pavia)
Steinberg & Raskin
Nouva Zarine S p A Construzione Macchine E Stampi Per Calzature
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