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A mechanized system distributing the access, test and communication functions to the point of testing, typically the centralized switching facility serving the telephone loops and equipment to be tested. Computer (200) stores information about each subscriber loop in the geographical area served by a system. Front-end computers (220,221) interact with computer (200) to retrieve pertinent data regarding loops to be tested. Each switching facility in an area includes a loop testing system (e.g., 160) that implements the required functions. The communication functions residing in front-end computers (220,221) and loop testing systems (160,161) are coupled via a data communication network (140) in a manner that allows any front-end computer to communicate with any loop testing system. Users of the system control access and test from consoles having the capability of establishing independent communication paths over the national dial network for interactive tests on loops accessed through standard test trunks. Microprocessor-based circuitry is utilized for numerous system tasks such as signal generation, digital signal processing and controlling sensitive analog measurements. Signal generation includes digital generation of analog waveforms. Signal processing techniques incorporate various digital filters to analyze sample sequences derived from, for example, dial pulses and coin telephone signals. Sensitive analog measurements of loop characteristics are effected with a magnetic current detector that operates over broad current and frequency ranges. Frequency dependent measurements are converted to DC using synchronous demodulation techniques to enhance resolution.

Mechanized testing of subscriber facilities
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July 16, 1982
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May 1, 1984
Harvey Rubin
J T Peoples
Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated
H04M 3/26
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