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A method of processing and producing crack free logs by making a saw cut along opposite longitudinal side portions of a log immediately after harvesting and thus curing the log, without debarking, in a shaded, ventilated air space so that any cracks will be concentrated along the saw cuts. When a finished appearance is desired, a groove is formed along the opposite side portions of the log in registry with the saw cuts and a spline or strip of wood is inserted in each groove so that it projects beyond the periphery of the leg with the spline or strip being secured in the grooves by glueing or the like. The peripheral or exterior portion of the spline or strips is peeled or cut off so that the resulting surface is contiguous with the peripheral surface of the log.

Method of producing crack free logs
Application Number
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March 11, 1982
Publication Date
April 24, 1984
Wilfred B Johnson
Star Rte. Box 3289, Manistique, 49854
Harvey B Jacobson
B27K 5/00
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