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A method of determining both transient and steady state IPR curves for a well is disclosed. From these IPR curves functions can be developed which will enable the optimal cost-effective production rate for a producing well as a function of predetermined well parameters can be determined. Type curves are derived from a model of the well reservoir to provide information from which the IPR curves are determined. Production systems analysis techniques are then used to obtain families of curves at a solution point in the well production system for two different well parameters. These families of curves are analyzed to determine the points of intersection between each curve in one family of curves with each curve in the other family. From these points of intersection, a plot of a family of production rate curves versus values of a first well parameter for various values of the second parameter can be obtained. These relationships can then be analyzed to determine the most cost-effective maximum production as a function of the cost to actually obtain a value for the first parameter.

Method of determining optimum cost-effective free flowing or gas lift well production
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March 5, 1982
Publication Date
April 17, 1984
Hai Zui Meng
Sugar Land
Schlumberger Technology Corporation
E21B 49/00
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