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A life support system is provided for users located within enclosed areas to supply them with fresh air from a location exterior of the enclosed area, and is particularly adapted for use in emergency circumstances such as when fire and smoke fill enclosed areas. The system can be used in buildings and in aircraft and can be adapted for use with the gasper outlets presently employed on aircraft. A method for providing fresh exterior air to the enclosed area and the user includes conducting the air to an outlet for the exterior air which is located within the area, conducting the exterior air from the outlet to at least one breathing cavity of the user, and preventing the user from inhaling ambient atmosphere from within the enclosed area.

Life support system and method of providing fresh air to enclosed areas
Application Number
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January 27, 1981
Publication Date
April 3, 1984
Bertil Werjefelt
277 Kaha St., Kailua, 96734
Sandler & Greenblum
A62B 7/00
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