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A data processing machine in which the cache operating cycle is divided into two subcycles dedicated to mutually exclusive operations. The first subcycle is dedicated to receiving a central processor memory read request, with its address. The second subcycle is dedicated to every other kind of cache operation, in particular either (a) receiving an address from a peripheral processor for checking the cache contents after a peripheral processor write to main memory, or (b) writing anything to the cache, including an invalid bit after a cache check match condition, or data after either a cache miss or a central processor write to main memory. The central processor can continue uninteruptedly to read the cache on successive central processor microinstruction cycles, regardless of the fact that the cache contents are being "simultaneously" checked, invalidated or updated after central processor writes. After a cache miss, although the central processor must be stopped to permit updating, it can resume operations a cycle earlier than is possible without the divided cache cycle.

Data processing machine with improved cache memory management
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 17, 1983
Publication Date
March 27, 1984
Horace H Tsiang
North Andover
Gary D Clapp
Michael H Shanahan
Wang Laboratories
G06F 13/00
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