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The method of implanting an abutment device to a jawbone for anchoring a dental prosthesis comprises surgically cutting gum tissue, turning back adjacent tissue exposing the jawbone, drilling into the bone, assembling a hollow porous cylinder of titanium wire mesh having threaded therein a temporary nylon plug into the jawbone, reassembling the gum tissue to overlie the cylinder and plug. Retaining the cylinder for a healing period of several months while adjacent bone tissue grows into, around and through the cylinder mesh for a mechanical interlock therewith for anchoring the cylinder with the jawbone. Surgically reexposing the cylinder, removing the plug from the cylinder and successively threading therein an abutment device, an axial portion thereof projecting from the jawbone and gum tissue to which a dental prosthesis may be attached. A jawbone implant comprises a hollow porous cylinder of titanium wire mesh having a threaded bore with a nylon plug threaded therein for projecting into an aperture in a jawbone. After a healing period while bone tissue migrates into and through the mesh for a mechanical interlock, an abutment device replaces the plug and has an axial portion projecting from the jawbone to which a dental prosthesis is attached. A modified method after exposing the jawbone includes applying to the exposed bone a pair of spaced cylinders of wire mesh with an interconnecting strip of similar mesh, the cylinders having a temporary nylon plug threaded thereinto, and applying a strip of open mesh plastic or titanium wire to the cylinders, assembling and clamping portions of the open mesh strip to surround the cylinders retaining the cylinders and interconnected mesh strip of material upon the bone. Successively exposing the cylinders, unthreading the plugs and threading into each cylinder an abutment, to which a dental prosthesis may be attached. A jawbone implant device therefore.

Method of jawbone abutment implant for dental prostheses and implant device
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March 4, 1982
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March 27, 1984
Irwin A Small
6861 Orinoco Cir., Birmingham, 48010
Cullen Sloman Cantor Grauer Scott & Rutherford
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