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A mechanically programmable chess play indicator having a flattened body upon which is mounted a spinner, two rings of pegs concentrically surrounding the pivot of the spinner for indicating a particular chess piece to be moved, a nine square checkerboard centered on the pivot of the spinner for indicating the direction the chess piece is to be moved, and rings of indicia concentrically arranged with respect to the pivot of the spinner for indicating the nature and extent of the move to be made. A ring of white pegs indicates the white pieces of a chess set and a ring of black pegs indicates the black pieces of a chess set, there being more pegs in each ring than there are corresponding black or white pieces, and an end of each peg bearing an indicium identifying a particular chess piece. The game is played by spinning the spinner first to select the piece to be played, then spinning to determine the direction of movement, then spinning to determine the extent of movement, moves and captures being made in accordance with conventional rules of chess. Where an illegal move is indicated, the spinner is indexed (advanced) to the next indicium. Mechanical programming is accomplished by adjusting circumferential spacing of the indicia exhibiting pegs.

Mechanically programmable chess play indicator
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August 24, 1981
Publication Date
March 20, 1984
John J Moylan
658 Aipuni St., Honolulu, 96821
A63F 3/02
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