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The present invention is directed to a device to hold open for loading a limp plastic sack having a pair of integral handles and a body portion terminating in a base portion. It comprises a horizontally disposed base member; a pair of oppositely-disposed, upwardly-projecting side wall members, which are attached at their lower ends to the base member; an upwardly projecting rear wall member, wherein each vertical edge of the rear wall member is attached to a vertical edge of each of the side wall members; and means to engage the handles of the plastic sack, said means comprising a pair of spaced apart protuberances that are affixed to the outer side, and near the upper edge, of each of the side wall members. Preferably, the height of each side wall member is slightly smaller than the height of the plastic sack to be loaded therein, and the internal perimeter of the base member is at least equal to or slightly greater than the perimeter of the base of the plastic sack when the sack is in an open position ready for loading.

Plastic sack holder
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August 28, 1981
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March 20, 1984
Thomas P Hambleton
Pine Bush
Richard J Ancel
International Paper Company
A63B 55/04
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