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A gasket is disclosed for use in effectively sealing to communications equipment, a protective cover for a key-actuated switching array which projects through a generally planar surface on the equipment. The protective cover is of the type comprising a flexible elastomeric sheet having one or more recessed pockets adapted to overlie and receive the array of key-actuated switches, whereby each of switches is independently depressible through the sheet. The sheet includes a skirt-like border portion extending laterally beyond the pockets, and the sheet is continuous between its lateral edges, whereby the key switch array may be overlaid by the one or more pockets, with the skirt-like border portion contacting the planar surface beyond the array. The array is thereby protected from spillage of liquids or the like. The gasket is adapted to extend completely around the periphery of the sheet in overlying relation to the border portion. The gasket is flexible and adherent to the border portion of the sheet and to the planar surface of the equipment. The gasket prior to use has covers on its opposite sides which are removable for attachment of the gasket by the application of pressure to the sheet and to the planar surface of the equipment.

Sealing means for telephone cover device
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September 4, 1981
Publication Date
March 13, 1984
Milton Morse
Fort Lee
Weingram & Klauber
APM Corporation
H02M 1/23
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