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A compliant terminal pin for use in electrical connectors for housings or circuit boards and the like which is press fitted into position and is retained in the connector housing, printed circuit board or the like by means of a friction fit. The terminal includes a rigid post at one end and a resilient spring contact structure at the other end thereof. The contact structure and the post are joined by an intermediate section having an aperture therethrough and a lance or tyne extending outwardly from the bottom of the aperture, the tyne being fittable into the aperture but being of smaller dimension. The intermediate section is a spring member having tapered sides with the narrow portion of the taper extending toward the post. The intermediate section can move inwardly from both sides by spring type action to occupy a portion of the aperture, thereby decreasing the dimension across the intermediate section. Upon insertion into a connector for a housing or printed circuit board or the like, the tyne will push against a housing wall and move the terminal against an opposite housing wall as the terminal enters an appropriate housing cavity. As the terminal moves farther into the cavity, the tapered portion will move against the other pair of opposing cavity walls and force the sides of the intermediate section together, thereby preventing the tyne from moving into the aperture and providing a friction fit within the housing cavity at the tyne as well as both sides of the intermediate section.

Electrical terminal with cavity compensator
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
June 17, 1981
Publication Date
February 7, 1984
James E Lynch
Allan B Osborne
AMP Incorporated
H01R 4/48
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