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The invention provides a detector for detecting air components, e.g. contaminations, and in particular noxious or poisonous contaminations, which device comprises a housing in which an air pervious carrier containing a first reagent is arranged, this detector being adapted to draw air to be tested through said carrier so as to expose this reagent to the air, this reagent being influenced by the components to be detected, which carrier is to be contacted with a second reagent which, together with the first one, can bring about a color reaction depending on the fact whether the first reagent has been influenced or not. The housing forms, in the operative condition, an integral unit, an air- and liquid-tight container with a rupturable wall and containing a not contaminated liquid contributing to said color reaction being arranged within said housing, the latter being, furthermore, provided with a yieldable wall portion and a plurality of piercing pins arranged in such a mutual spatial relationship that the container can be pierced by pressing inwards said wall portion, so as to moisten said reagent carrier with the liquid from said container. In particular the second reagent can be contained in a similar second carrier which is normally eparated from the first one but is contacted therewith when pressing inwards said wall portion.

Detector for detecting air components
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February 23, 1981
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January 31, 1984
Henri F Klaij
Hubertus E Hilbrink
Berend Heijenga
Beehler Pavitt Siegemund Jagger & Martella
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G01N 31/22
G01N 31/06
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