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The invention relates to freight containers, in particular containers for air transport with a supporting frame which is made of profiled sections or the like, the long sides of which frame comprise polygonal frames which have roof sections and reinforcing vertical struts, and are joined by transverse sections. In spite of being made according to standard, it should be possible to stack these readily on top of one another and secure them to each other. They should also feature facilities which allow access at all times to the freight to be transported. The supporting frame (7) of such an improved container (5) features, between the roof sections (18), clamping elements (21,24) to secure neighboring, stacked containers in place; also for stacking purposes, the roof sections are reinforced and the vertical struts (16) are positioned at the places of greatest load. If desired, the reinforced roof sections house facilities (40,41,42) to guide closure means (35) for stacked freight containers. As such, the vertical supports in symmetrically designed containers should be arranged at a distance (a) from each other on a long side (11,12), the distance (a) being equal to approximately twice the distance (b) between a vertical strut and an outermost corner post (19) of the container on the same long side.

Freight container, in particular for air transport
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June 11, 1981
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January 31, 1984
Klaus P Brodbeck
Gerhard Mittelmann
Bachman and LaPointe
Swiss Aluminium
B65D 88/14
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