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An apparatus for handling used disposable diapers having a canister base with a rim and a seal insert supported by the rim of the canister base. The seal insert has a structure defined by a plurality of radially disposed slits intersecting centrically to provide flexible sliced pre-shaped sectors adapted to be flexed downwardly into the top of the canister base by a downward force and to spring back into the plane of the seal insert upon release of the downward force. A top has a depending flange to average the seal insert against the rim of the canister bar, and a frustoconical plunger adapted to flex the sliced pre-shaped sector downward when forced thereagainst. A deodorant receptacle with a deodorant is connected to the top. The method comprises placing the used disposable diapers on top of the seal insert and plunging the used diaper through the pre-shaped sector.

Apparatus and method for handling used disposable diapers
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August 23, 1982
Publication Date
January 24, 1984
Kenneth N Shaw Jr
c/o Samual Curcio, Esq., P.O. Box 593, Hammonton, 08037
John H Widdowson
B65D 81/24
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